Construction management software

Stay on schedule

Cloud based centralised tools enable you to keep every project on track – whether you’re on-site or in the office.

Shared access

Cloud based centralised tools enable you to keep every project on track – whether you’re on-site or in the office.

Manage multiple projects

Track and monitor multiple project KPIs and update project progress all in one platform.

Access anywhere

Keep up to date with project progress across time zones, via mobile, on-site or at the office.

Stay on budget

Track your resources and budget spend with ManagePlaces progress charts.

Keep a birds eye view

View your project’s status from your dashboard and identify problems before they arise.
Construction management software

Perfect for construction companies

Once we understand our clients’ needs, we design the custom web based software for quick setup and easy use.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients. Our advanced and customisable construction management software can be tailored specifically to your project needs, adding new features as your requirements change with complete flexibility each and every time.
Perfect for construction companies

Designed with your needs in mind

Never miss a deadline with the trackables, gantt and checklist features

Manage activity, teams and finances all in one platform

Track costs, increase profits and never go over budget again
Designed with your needs in mind

Maximise and build on profits

Track expenses and stay on top of budget spend with progress charts. Efficiently manage costs and expenditure with the budgeting feature, and make sure every team member is aware of resource usage to avoid going over budget.

Increase profits by tracking your financial status in real time and identify problems before they arise. ManagePlaces budgeting feature allows you to make official modifications, providing that latest contracts, changes and direct costs.
Maximise and build on profits

Mobile project management

Access all the information you need, with real time updates, from your mobile devices
Share documents with any member of your the team quickly and securely
Track the daily progress of team members and projects on the go
Stay connected to the construction site, even when you’re in the office, with dynamic project management
Mobile project management

Interactive gantt chart

Manage your time efficiently with the ManagePlaces gantt chart feature.
Automatically record the amount of work done to improve productivity and identify the best project workflow.
Track progress against budgets and schedule tasks accordingly
Ensure that every team member is aware of essential deadlines
Maximise on the profitability of your company all in one system
Simple, research driven tools that help deliver construction projects on time, and on budget.
Interactive gantt chart

Construction Project Management Software

Start up, medium and large building and construction companies as well as general contractors rely on our state-of-the-art construction management software every day to aid them in the overall administration and management of complex projects. If you are in the business of building or providing contracting services, then our state of the art platform will allow you to easily manage and maintain work flow.

All three phases of the building and construction process – design and engineering, construction, and operations – require today’s advances in information and communications technology as well as the power of the internet to help make sure that everything runs smoothly as planned and ensure greater returns on investment.

Gone are the days when one has to manually calculate risk assessment parameters and meticulously analyze each minute detail and draw conclusions which, unfortunately at that time, were only estimates. Since these calculations relied heavily on the human capacity, it is prone to human error.

Construction management software is increasingly transforming the different phases of the building and construction process.

For example, in each of these phases, it is critical to generate and analyze a mountain of data. Sure, human power can also perform these tasks but compared to the rate at which a dedicated construction management software, the results should be readily available in a matter of minutes or even seconds, at most a few hours.

Here are 5 helpful benefits of using our dedicated and highly customized construction project software:

Improves Project Efficiency – Building and construction projects are massive undertakings that even a single miscalculation of resources can greatly undermine the final outcome of the project. That is why one of the hallmarks of an efficiently managed building project is its ability to stay within projections. This means that the project must be completed within budget and within the projected schedule of completion. Deviations from these estimates can lead to significant financial losses. ManagePlaces can help you keep track of the progress of your project so you know what to do in case there’s a problem that needs to be solved immediately.

Allows Management of Multiple Projects – If you are still starting as a building and construction company, you might not feel this benefit yet. But, if you already have multiple clients or multiple projects occurring at the same time, you need to computing prowess of a dedicated cloud based software to keep your individual projects organized. You will know which project’s key performance indicators are lagging behind and need some corrective action and which ones are progressing as planned.

Improves Communication – You cannot go to the field every single day unless you properly communicate with the rest of your construction team. By having a digital platform, project managers and team leaders in the construction site can receive instant updates on the progress of your project even without you physically being there.

Enhances Accessibility – Akin to improving the flow of communication is the enhancement of the accessibility of information. Manage Places  has been custom built to be fully integrated with range of different mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and ultra-portables. The point is that you don’t have to be in your office to look at the progress of your construction project or even to communicate with the rest of your team. All you need is an internet-enabled device and you can access all of the needed information wherever you may be.

Enables Quick Decisions – Digital programs allow ease of use. This means that the user interface of a construction project management software should enable you to easily identify problems just by looking at your computer screen. In some cases, notification of critical events can also be sent to your mobile device so you are well aware of the situation.

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