Installation management software

Stay on track

Team members are automatically alerted to the new tasks in real time.

Control resources

Link projects to geographic data for real time updates via a live map.

Share data securely

Simple and secure access to important documents for clients and contractors.

Document storage

Save all information securely in the Cloud and ensure the right people have access to the right information.

Record custom values

Define exactly what is important to you and track custom values for your projects and tasks.

Quick and easy reports

Create reports and share them with your team or devise a summary report to view changes and progress over time.
Installation management

Installation management software

Customisable IT, AV and other installation management software, optimised to be productive from day one with clarity of on-site processes and structured project management.

Indicate any important deadlines that are coming up and visualise projects and tasks in real time.
Installation management software

Why use ManagePlaces?

Produce progress reports and avoid missing deadlines

Access to mobile keeps teams together even when they’re apart

Monitor resources and never go over budget
Why use ManagePlaces?

Interactive gantt chart

Minimise delays with the ManagePlaces gantt chart feature.
Identify the best project workflow with automatic recording of the amount of work done.
Avoid delays by keeping a record of production completed.
Track progress against expenditure and ensure that every team member is aware of recourse usage.
Improve productivity and maximise on the profitability of your company all in one system.
Interactive gantt chart

Installation management for mobile

Every member of the team can access ManagePlaces from their mobile devices.
Allow the whole team to see tasks, assets, documents and projects relevant to their current location.
Feed back information and progress updates with a single touch, allowing dynamic project management.
Allows self-management among team members for increased efficiency and clarity of tasks.
Installation management for mobile

Complete control

Write all project plans with ManagePlaces to keep track of tasks, all in one place. Your team can access manage places from their mobile devices to stay on track and increase efficiency.

Track your financial status in real time to maximise on profits and identify problems before they arise. Create progress reports for clients and senior management to keep them updated on project development, easily and effectively.
Complete control

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