Land management software

Manage resources

Team members are automatically alerted to the new tasks in real time.

Birds eye view

Link projects to geographic data for real time updates via a live map.

Better spending decisions

Simple and secure access to important documents for clients and contractors.
Land management software

Project management software for land management

We can add new features as your requirements change allowing for completely dynamic and structures project management.

We design our software for quick implementation and for easy use. Just let us know your requirements and ManagePlaces will be ready for use within 24 hours.
Project management software for land management

Why use ManagePlaces?

Keep teams together and increase efficiency with access to our software on your mobile

Track budget spend against progress to stay on track

Track tasks and ensure all deadlines are met with progress charts
Why use ManagePlaces?

Save time and minimise risk

Stay secure with ManagePlaces documentation feature.
Automatically save all your drawings and documents securely in the Cloud, providing everything you need at your fingertips.
Securely archive all of your important documents, allowing for ultimate privacy.
Share documents with any member of your the team quickly and securely, ensuring the right people have access to the right documents.
Save time and minimise risk

Mobile project management

Access ManagePlaces from your mobile devices to see tasks, items and documents relevant to projects in your current location.
ManagePlaces on mobile allows for dynamic project management, keeping teams informed even when they are apart.
Minimise project delays by identifying problems before they arise.
Team members can feedback information and progress updates so that everyone remains in the loop.
Mobile project management

Share documents securely

Stay assured that every document uploaded is confidential and stored securely in the Cloud. You have full control over the security settings, sharing files securely with any individual.

Once a document is shared, the individual has immediate access off or on-site from any device. Send progress updates to stakeholders and clients securely to keep them updated.
Share documents securely

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