Project Planning

4 tips to fast-track project planning in ManagePlaces

Construction project management is a dynamic discipline. Deadlines change, resources fluctuate, priorities need to get shifted around a bit. That’s why planning in a fairly static package such as Microsoft Excel might be cumbersome and inefficient. ManagePlaces, on the other hand, is built with flexibility and fast speed of change in mind. In the following paragraphs, we briefly discuss 4 easy tips to help you plan your project faster and with fewer clicks.

When it comes to project planning, don’t start from scratch

If you are new to ManagePlaces, you can use the Projects wizard to start planning in 4 easy steps. 

A quicker option is to add an existing project by simply importing your own template. For this, you need to go to Settings and choose Import.

Follow the steps on that page to quickly transfer an existing project into the system. This can be based on exported information from your current system (such as Excel, Project etc).

Repeating tasks without duplicating effort

Another useful shortcut allows you to copy existing projects or tasks. For example, if you had a property development with several plots you can specify the project as the development and then each main/root task as an individual plot. You can specify the tasks for one plot and then simply copy that main task and for all the other plots so you have the exact same structure.

Change management is as easy as “drag-and-drop”

Gantt charts are a classic tool for visualising project plans. We have taken our Gantt charts a step further by introducing dynamic drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to replan in the very same view. Simply point the cursor at the edge of a task bar and adjust its length – this will propagate the change to the number of days needed for the task, its start and end dates. This will save you time when changing dates on a single or multiple tasks.

Move tasks around with a couple of clicks for easier project planning

Most projects have a logical order of steps/tasks that follow one another, but things change and tasks may need moving around for various reasons. ManagePlaces easily allows you to move tasks around if they are not codependent or if some were entered incorrectly in the first place. When you are in the project overview simply click on Tasks, choose the three dots at the end of each row in the tasks table and a Move option will appear. Shuffle the tasks as many times as you want – the changes appear instantly!

Still wondering whether ManagePlaces is the right platform for you? Sign up now for a 30-day free trial and see for yourself!