ManagePlaces Construction Project Manager

A day in the life of a construction Project Manager

Project managers deal with busy schedules and super dynamic pace of work. They handle tons of tasks and usually don’t have two workdays alike. However, there are some activities that emerge from the sea of challenges and we would love to tell you more about them. In this article, we share a glimpse of what it is like to be a construction project manager. You will also find out more about their daily responsibilities are, and how a smart Project Management platform can make their lives easier. 

The start of the day

Generally, every project manager who works in the construction industry is responsible for planning and overseeing building projects.

During their day, usually at the beginning, managers focus on some general revisions and evaluations. This is the time when they balance the budget, track supplies, contact subcontractors and make sure that all construction regulations are met.

Also at the start of the day, managers estimate material costs, schedule job interviews and make sure all aspects of each construction project are up to date.

Along with these, Project Managers find time for:

  • Planning strategies
  • Developing schedules
  • Documentation
  • Quality control

Usually, mornings are a preferred time for these, because once these are finished, PMs can then focus on team/contractor relationships, reporting and any feedback or revisions to schedules. 

Communication is key

The most important tasks each project manager performs daily are part of the following cycle: plan, communicate, review, revise. This is facilitated through constant communication with the project’s stakeholders (staff, contractors, clients and upper-management). Skilled team leaders know that and spend a great deal of time on discussions during their entire workday. 

Usually, they speak with team members about how construction projects unfold and what the potential setbacks might be. Also, managers delegate tasks within their teams and discuss what needs to be improved, so that desired results are achieved. Other times managers and teams discuss new construction approaches and future project prospects. 

Also, managers spend time to motivate and show support for their colleagues – a skill that every experienced construction manager possesses.

Apart from team dialogues, project managers spend time in talking with clients and partners – it is of big importance for every construction business, subcontractor and third-party organisation to work in unity with each other. Achieving consensus with all parties is indeed a responsibility of the Project Manager. This is why meetings with panthers can be seen on a daily basis.

The afternoon of a construction project manager

Alongside dialogues, project managers spend time in the revision of technical info. They constantly update their database and keep track of all project processes every day. These include all kinds of construction, financial and corporate processes. Usually, this activity takes place in the afternoon when the most urgent tasks are already completed. 

Managers need the organisation of data because it gives a great insight about what is going on on the construction site and with the construction team – are there any bottlenecks, is there anything team members need, what task should be completed next and so on. 

Also, staying organised allows Project Managers to come up with new concepts about expanding the business, finding new partnership opportunities or simply to think of smarter ways to get the job done. 

At the end of each day of a construction project manager

This is the time when managers focus on revision of the day and make plans for the upcoming one. Usually, most of the evenings of project managers are focused on scheduling, data gathering and evaluation and planning the future. Also, many managers prefer this time to make some plans for future construction ideas and consider new prospective partnerships.

In fact, the data we’ve gathered from our project management platform reveals that managers prefer to make summaries and general analyses in the evenings. It seems that team leaders choose this time of the day because it is unlikely that stakeholders will ask for something urgent this late in the day, so managers can fully focus on their revisions.

Talking about summaries and analyses, what construction managers do to stay on track and remain organised is to rely on digital platforms. Such software provides teams with many useful tools – task and document management, performance tracking, team collaboration and generally these are great platforms for optimising workflows and teams’ on-site productivity. 

For example, in ManagePlaces, our construction project management platform, teams can assign tasks, make comments, keep track of finances and use the dynamic Gannt charts for better visualisation and planning of tasks. This is a useful tool for construction teams of any size. The platform can centralise all ongoing projects and boost the efficiency of any construction business. It connects teams and provides quick access to any project data. 

Check out how ManagePlaces can be beneficial to your construction business and subscribe today – our platform comes with a 30-day free trial and then it is always free for a single project! Provide your team with new possibilities for staying ahead of the competition and get in touch with us to find out more about our approach.