Whether your project team consists of internal staff, subcontractors or both, it is the people that will ultimately determine the success or failure of the projects your company delivers. Getting the best out of your people is thus imperative and nowhere is this more challenging than in the construction sector. With multiple stakeholders often required to collaborate on complex jobs, the potential for inconsistency, misunderstandings and errors is high, and as a new generation of millennials enters the workforce and starts collaborating with more experienced professionals, the challenge only grows more complex.

Thankfully technology can have a hugely beneficial influence on project teams, both in terms of enhancing productivity and boosting morale. Here are 5 ways project management software can get the best out of your team:

1. Efficiency

Good project management software should provide more than just a set of digital tools that allow teams to carry out tasks. It should automate workflow and administrative tasks like alerts and reminders, resource allocation, checklists and KPI tracking to enhance productivity. If a task incurs a date change, your software should be able to manage this change automatically by updating the start and end dates of all dependent tasks dynamically, along with notifying the team members involved on the project and adjusting reminders. This type of administrative complexity can and should be automated by software so your team can focus on deliverables.

In addition, cloud-based software centralises project data so your team can log in any time from anywhere in the world and access project critical information whenever they need to. The positive knock-on effects of streamlining project management this way are immeasurably beneficial. By centralising all elements of the project in one platform, teams can communicate in real time, greatly speeding up collaboration and enhancing productivity.

2. Best practice is ensured

Ensuring your team is always following best practice can be an exercise in futility when managing projects manually. Policies can be challenging to enforce, human error can be difficult to anticipate and as a result project risk is increased. When choosing project management software, it’s important to choose a system that is schedule-led, as opposed to a simple range of digital tools. Schedule-led software, like ManagePlaces, has the added benefit of guiding teams through project delivery and embedding best practice at every stage.

Everything from KPI tracking to checklists, job costing and reporting is embedded within the project and teams are guided and prompted to adhere to the best practice you set for your projects. The result is a consistent output which minimises risk and ultimately boosts productivity and morale.

3. Communication

Nowhere is team communication more important than in the construction sector and nowhere is it more challenging. With different stakeholders across the supply chain often required to collaborate on a single project spanning weeks, months or years, the challenge of effective communication is both crucial and immense. Project management software addresses this challenge by providing a central hub where teams can tag and communicate with each other directly in the relevant project or task. A full log of all communication is kept and can be reviewed at any time, making life easier for all involved.

In addition, files can be uploaded, materials requested and availability communicated, facilitating much easier collaboration between teams regardless of the challenges that come with the complexity of construction projects.

4. Consistency

Another challenge that plagues the construction sector is consistency of output. Unlike many other industries, construction projects often require multifunctional teams, comprising a mix of contractors with differing expertise and experience, differences in protocol and, as a result, inconsistent output is both common and damaging. Projects can suffer delays, errors or even failure as a result of disjointed collaboration. A great advantage to streamlining your projects with a common system is the consistency of output it facilitates across teams. Seemingly small details like where documents are stored, how timesheets are submitted and how tasks are tracked take on compounding importance the longer and more complex your projects are.

And it’s not only the multifunctional aspect of construction projects that make the task of consistency challenging. A new generation of millennials are making their debut in the workforce alongside an experienced tier of Generation X professionals. In addition, the changing landscape of globalisation creates cultural considerations that need to be managed appropriately. With purpose-built software at your disposal, your projects will foster greater consistency of output from teams regardless of differences in their expertise or background. The ability to streamline project delivery is fast becoming essential for construction companies in today’s world and those companies that anticipate this challenge and meet it head on will be best equipped to succeed.

5. Morale

When teams are able to communicate properly, work efficiently and consistently without the administrative responsibilities that purpose-built software can handle and ultimately deliver better quality projects, morale is inevitably boosted. Whether your team is comprised predominantly of contractors or internal staff, a high team morale is always a good thing. Without purpose-built software to foster and enhance this, your projects run the risk of miscommunication, errors and increased risk of failure. Ultimately, your people will make or break your projects, and making their job as straightforward as possible is hugely beneficial.

Why ManagePlaces?

ManagePlaces has been designed from the ground up to specifically address the unique and complex challenges the construction sector faces. Our software doesn’t only provide the digital tools that allow your teams to carry out their work, it is a schedule-led system that automates workflow, facilitates communication and guides teams through a project timeline to deliver a consistent output that follows the best practice parameters for your business. If getting the best out of your people is crucial for your business, then ManagePlaces delivers.

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