Full control

Team members are automatically alerted to new tasks in real time.

Birds eye view

Link projects to geographic data for real time updates via a live map.

Shared access

Simple and secure access to important documents for clients and contractors.

Monitor budgets

Compare expenditure against contracts and budgets and stay in control of finances with ease.

Stay mobile

ManagePlaces is mobile friendly so you can manage your projects wherever you are.


Create detailed reports on project status, finances or team productivity in seconds.
Property development software

Software for property developers

Keep track of projects and individual tasks to ensure that everything is getting completed on time. Avoid delays, increase efficiency and keep clients happy.

Productivity starts from day one. All features are presented in a simplistic and easy to use style, allowing quick setup and progress tracking.
Software for property developers

Why use ManagePlaces?

Boost productivity with team collaboration, automatic alerts on upcoming or overdue tasks and easy document sharing

Assign tasks to team members so they know what to do and where

Track costs, increase profits and never go over budget again
Why use ManagePlaces?

Interactive gantt chart

Manage your time efficiently with the ManagePlaces gantt chart feature.
Automatically record the amount of work done or production completed, helping to identify the best project workflow.
Avoid delays that might impact the whole project and schedule tasks accordingly.
Tools for construction to track progress against budgets and ensure that every team member is aware of essential deadlines.
Improve productivity and maximise on the profitability of your company all in one system.
Interactive gantt chart

Stay mobile

View all project development from the same perspective.
Access all the information you need, with real time updates, from your mobile devices.
Help your team stay in sync with project updates, tasks and documents relevant to their current location.
Ensure better teamwork, less down-time and increased clarity of tasks.
Share information and progress updates instantly.
Stay mobile

Complete control

Customisable property development software, optimised to be productive from day one with clarity of on-site production and structured project management. Indicate any important deadlines that are coming up and visualise projects and tasks in real time.

Producing reports for clients and senior management is fast and simple – just set a few parameters and a PDF report is automatically created from all of your projects, tasks and comments.
Complete control

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