About us

We revolutionise the way that the construction businesses approach their projects. ManagePlaces has been designed to modernise project management and eliminate the frustrations that construction companies encounter.

Our team focuses on making all aspects of our clients' projects as precise and efficient as possible. From project & task management to team collaboration and finances, ManagePlaces does make project management a stress-free activity.


What makes us different

Tailored to
your needs

ManagePlaces is fully customised to your exact requirements and goals, depending on each individual project.


From the moment you contact us with details of your requirement, we will set you up with a customised free account, within just 24 hours.

Our customers
come first

Once you sign up you will have a dedicated account manager ready to answer your questions over the phone, email or chat; whichever you prefer.

love us

In terms of value for money and ease of use, it's easy to see why our clients think we are the best project management software on the market.

Award winning

ManagePlaces has won multiple awards for business, innovation and customer experience. Our specialists know how to craft premium software.

Trusted around
the world

Trusted by businesses and professionals across the planet, ManagePlaces has delivered additional value for each construction team.

Our story

ManagePlaces was launched in 2013 as a simple and elegant PM platform helping construction businesses manage activity, teams and documents. Since then, the software has evolved and flourished, and is now an award-winning, state of the art platform that automates project workflow, manages finances and eliminates risk.

ManagePlaces has been built from the ground up based on the feedback of its users. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we are committed to ensuring the software is developed around your needs.

Our story

Our vision

From the very beginning, we have worked closely with our customers to make sure that ManagePlaces fits their needs at the moment, and as they continue to grow. As a result, the platform is constantly evolving and generating more value for our clients with every upcoming update.

Our product team uses agile software development approaches – this means we think, act and deliver fast.

We believe project managers should be equipped with tools that enable them to focus on delivering their project without constant admin work. Our mission is to create the simplest and most powerful project management software in the market and help our customers deliver the best results in the most efficient way possible.

Our vision

Management team

<center>Georgios Michalakidis</center>

Georgios Michalakidis

Founder and Managing Director

<center>Daniel O'Connell</center>

Daniel O'Connell

Marketing Director

<center>Aaron Mason<c/enter>

Aaron Mason

Co-founder and Advisor

<center>Adrian Hooper</center>

Adrian Hooper

Head of Product

<center>David Seward</center>

David Seward

Head of Design

<center>Alexander Lazarov</center>

Alexander Lazarov

Head of Development

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ManagePlaces is trusted and valued by customers in every continent on the planet.

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