Maximise the profitability of your construction projects ManagePlaces is easy-to-use platform for construction companies. It connects teams digitally and lets you automate project management and finances. Enjoy optimal project delivery with minimised time and cost overruns.

Connect teams

  • Assign team members to projects and tasks
  • Select approvers
  • Automate reminders
  • Record directly in the project via chat, documents, KPIs
  • Define billable hours per contractor
  • Sync timesheets with your project finances.
  • Communicate in projects and tasks via comments and tagging
  • Advanced user control
  • Add work estimates for all users

Automate project delivery

  • Reduce manual input
  • Cut out human error by automating workflows
  • Create projects in seconds
  • Convert estimates into working project plans
  • Drag and drop tasks in Gantt charts
  • ManagePlaces will update the rest of your project dynamically
  • Set automatic task reminders and KPIs to ensure consistency
  • Use custom fields to filter projects and tasks for easy analysis

Finance control

  • Integrate with Xero for seamless, two-way syncing
  • Build estimates to convert into working projects upon approval
  • Compare estimated budget with actual expenditure
  • Raise invoices, purchase orders and change orders with a few clicks
  • ManagePlaces will update your budget for you in real-time.
  • Automated cost analysis based on timesheet entries
  • Easy authorisation workflow

What’s in it for you?


Project Managers

Whether office based or on the construction site, project managers can monitor and administer all aspects of their projects. ManagePlaces allows PMs to keep track of ongoing processes and expenditure, and drastically reduce project time and cost.


ManagePlaces helps subcontractors and consultants collaborate more efficiently with your brand and team. Your partners will spend more time doing the work they specialise in.

All other stakeholders

Your stakeholders can review and comment on projects, give insight into processes and workflow. All within the ManagePlaces control panel and regardless of anyone’s current location.

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