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ManagePlaces is an award-winning, easy-to-use platform for property investment and construction companies that connects teams digitally and lets you automate project management and finances, leading to optimum project delivery with minimised time and cost overruns.

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Tailored to your needs

ManagePlaces is fully customised to your exact requirements and goals, depending on each individual property or construction project.

Quick set-up

From the moment you contact us with details of your requirement, we will set you up with a free account, customised to your needs, within just 24 hours.

Our customers come first

The moment you sign up you will have a dedicated account manager ready to answer your questions over the phone, email or chat; whichever you prefer.

Customers love us

In terms of value for money and ease of use, it's easy to see why our clients think we are the best project management software on the market.

Award winning software

ManagePlaces has won multiple awards for business, innovation and customer experience.

Trusted around the world

Trusted and valued by businesses and professionals across every continent on the planet.


We've custom built ManagePlaces specifically for construction and real estate companies to automate workflow, boost productivity & collaboration, minimise errors & delays and gain full control over your project's finances.

ManagePlaces automates project management and records all activity directly in your project plan in real-time, allowing you to monitor and manage your projects with minimal input needed.

Updating task dates and schedules is virtually effortless with the interactive Gantt Chart. Simply drag and drop a task to it's new date and ManagePlaces will update the rest of your project dynamically, including task reminders.

You can assign tasks to contractors who can collaborate directly in the project plan, as well as upload photos and files straight from their phone or tablet. Set automatic task reminders and on tasks where best practice must be followed, add checklists and assign approvers.

Use custom fields to tag your projects and tasks to make filtering a breeze. And to track and measure performance throughout your project, you can customise your own KPIs and your team will be able to record them in a few taps of their phone or tablet whenever a goal or milestone has been achieved.

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Create estimates that can be turned into working projects. Raise invoices, purchase orders, bills & timesheets in seconds. Add & price items that can be used across projects and integrate with Xero for seamless, automated project finances.

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Unlimited storage, upload or email documents from any device. Protect, assign and organise documents with ease.

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Create and monitor multiple project KPIs, set targets, custom trackables and export KPI reports for increased productivity.

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Generate and export performance reports in one click, analyse data to measure profitability, submit reports directly to clients and stakeholders.

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Assign projects and tasks to team members, monitor activity, location and status in the team management feature.

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What our clients say

ManagePlaces is trusted and valued by customers in every continent on the planet.

ManagePlaces is for everyone

Project Managers

Whether office based or on site, project managers can manage and monitor all aspects of their projects, keeping track of activity, teams and expenditure, and drastically reducing project time and cost.


With ManagePlaces, your subcontractors and consultants can collaborate more seamlessly with your brand and work more closely with your teams, spending more time doing the work they specialise in.


Your clients and other stakeholders can be invited to view and comment on projects, giving you more control over communication, process and workflow, leading to more efficiency and fewer delays.

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