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Work smarter

Field workers (in addition to office staff) see outstanding jobs in easy reach of their location and the latest status to more effectively plan their day. Avoid any confusion and improve communication between your team and see an increase of productivity and efficiency.

Mobile enabled

Every member of the team can access the system from their mobile phone or tablet to see projects, tasks, assets and documents relevant to their current location. They can feed back information and progress updates with a single touch, allowing dynamic project management.

Schedule and allocate work

Team members are automatically alerted to new tasks via notifications and reminders. All the information you need on the go, saving time for your team. Activity reports can be updated on mobile devices for fast data entry and everything can be linked to geographic data to keep track of who is working on each development.

Manage projects and installations spread over a wide geographic area

All sites can be linked to geographic data so you can see what’s going on where instantly via a live updated map. The linked dashboard view of all your projects gives you complete control of work scheduled or in progress.

Location and concept-specific tasks

Information securely shared with contractors. Easily provide all the information your external stakeholders need to do their job, or for reporting purposes. Minimise mistakes and ensure excellent customer service.

Track movements

If required, office staff can see current location of all field staff and their vehicles in addition to the data on project sites. Everything in ManagePlaces can be linked to geographic data so you can see what’s going on where on the live map. Your list of outstanding work and the record of what’s been done is presented on the dashboard.

Know what, when, who and where

Our project management software helps you stay on track with your team and your goals. Easily manage your company’s workflow: projects, tasks, teams, and documents, on the web and mobile.

Why ManagePlaces?


ManagePlaces is a project management app designed to make your life easier. The idea of a ‘central office’ is a thing of the past. More and more, organisation members are working out in the field or need to work at home. For any organisation with a mobile workforce, it’s vital to give them the tools they need to do their jobs with maximum effectiveness.

ManagePlaces empowers your mobile team by giving them access to all the data they need through a web based system that works brilliantly on all devices. Work anywhere, with anyone on ManagePlaces.

Response, simple menus designed for mobile

Quickly add or update tasks at the tap of a button

Create powerful reports right from your mobile devices

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