Maximise construction project profitability

ManagePlaces is an award-winning, easy-to-use platform for property investment and construction companies that connects teams digitally and lets you automate project management and finances, leading to optimum project delivery with minimised time and cost overruns.

Benefits of running your projects on ManagePlaces

Connect teams

Enjoy the dramatic benefits of connecting your staff, contractors and client in a common platform. Assign team members to projects and tasks, select approvers and automate reminders. Boost productivity with real-time collaboration, recorded directly in the project, including chat, documents, KPIs and more. Define billable hours per contractor and let ManagePlaces sync timesheets with your project finances.

Automate project delivery

Reduce manual input and cut out human error by automating workflow. Create projects in seconds or convert estimates into working project plans. Drag and drop tasks in the Gantt chart and ManagePlaces will update the rest of your project dynamically. Set automatic task reminders, checklists and KPIs to ensure consistency, and use custom fields to filter projects and tasks for easy analysis.

Take control of finances

Take control of costs with purpose-built finance management. Integrate with Xero for seamless, two-way syncing. Build estimates that can be converted into working projects upon approval and compare estimated budget with actual expenditure. Raise invoices, bills, purchase orders and change orders with a few clicks and ManagePlaces will update your budget for you in real-time.


We've custom built ManagePlaces specifically for construction and real estate companies to automate workflow, boost productivity & collaboration, minimise errors & delays and gain full control over costs.

Automate workflow and manage projects with minimal input. The drag and drop Gantt chart makes scheduling a breeze and because it is fully dynamic, you can change task dates simply by dragging the task to its new date. ManagePlaces will adjust the rest of your project for you, including task reminders.

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Upload documents from any device directly in your project plan or in a central repository. Every document comes with a full audit trail and you can quick-share with anyone in two clicks. Version-control means you always have access to older versions of drawings and other documents.

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Create estimates that can be sent on to clients or simply used as your internal project budget. Raise invoices, bills, purchase orders, timesheets & change orders in seconds. Create and share custom financial reports, integrate with your accounting package for automatic syncing of your project and business finances and much more.

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Keep track of surveys submitted by staff or contractors on-site. Track sales for plots, units or apartments and automatically calculate return on investment. Store and manage contacts, and generate management-level reporting with up-to-date Gantt charts, sales progress, team updates and more.

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Your staff, contractors and clients can all collaborate directly in the project plan, and all activity is recorded in real-time. Tag users to communicate directly and assign roles to your team members for optimum efficiency.

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Create custom KPIs and goals to measure progress throughout your project. Contractors can log KPIs directly from their phone or tablet with ease, and ManagePlaces will record and measure performance for you.

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Create snapshot status reports in one click and customise to your needs. Build custom cross-project reports for performance and milestone tracking, and create advanced financial reports on command.

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What our clients say

ManagePlaces is trusted and valued by customers in every continent on the planet.

ManagePlaces is for everyone

Project Managers

Whether office based or on site, project managers can manage and monitor all aspects of their projects, keeping track of activity, teams and expenditure, and drastically reducing project time and cost.


With ManagePlaces, your subcontractors and consultants can collaborate more seamlessly with your brand and work more closely with your teams, spending more time doing the work they specialise in.


Your clients and other stakeholders can be invited to view and comment on projects, giving you more control over communication, process and workflow, leading to more efficiency and fewer delays.

Construction management

The only tool you need for seamless construction project management

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Property development

Ensure your building and renovation projects run to schedule

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Installation management

Send the right people to the right place at the right time

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Solar project management

The project management solution for the solar installation industry

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Property investment software

Speed up project delivery and optimise the profitability of your portfolio.

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