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Real estate development

Bronte Property Group

Bronte Property Group boosts accountability with ManagePlaces


How Bronte Property Group used ManagePlaces for real estate development

Bronte is an integrated property company focused on high-end residential, mixed-use and commercial property development in the Cayman Islands. Bronte also provides property investment, advisory and structuring services to high net worth individuals and financial institutions.



The Challenge

Like many property companies, communication during projects was a constant challenge for Bronte. With so many people involved on and off-site, it was essential to ensure communications with contractors and across the value chain was effective.
In addition, developing properties overseas brings the challenge of importing materials. This means considering weather and logistics (especially in an environment such as Cayman Islands where boat and aircraft use is frequent). Furthermore, storage of materials presents a challenge and Bronte knew they needed a strong focus on project management to ensure they were allocating suitable lead time for different dependencies in the project.

The Solution

Bronte began using ManagePlaces in 2016 to improve communication on-site and allow project managers to automate workflow, scheduling and reminders.

We needed to find a software that would help combine information from spreadsheets, monitor tasks and also fix the problem of accountability.

The interactive Gantt chart solved a big challenge in the form of material tracking. Delays in material arrivals had previously been problematic for the team at Bronte as they would have to manually update all dependent tasks that were affected. With the Gantt chart in ManagePlaces, a simple drag and drop of one task to its new date automatically updates the rest of the project dynamically, including task reminders and emails.

The Result

After adopting ManagePlaces, Bronte were able to dramatically improve communication with contractors, speed up project delivery and reduce errors from miscommunication. ManagePlaces also helped to solve the administrative nightmare of importing and storing materials. Task delays are now solved with a simple drag and drop in the Gantt chart which updates the entire project dynamically and automatically. The team at Bronte have been able to automate large parts of the projects they manage, reducing the risk of rework and making life for their project managers easier.

ManagePlaces helps us project managers keep track of the various dependencies to ensure the smooth running of all projects.


Catherine Spradlin“With ManagePlaces we can look back every task, email and deadline and find out who was accountable during and even after the project.

Catherine Spradlin, Operations Manager at Bronte Property Group