<font color="#3A96EB">Project Management for Green Construction</font>

Project Management for Green Construction

The global concerns over climate change and the approach towards environmentally-friendly living have changed…

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<font color="#3A96EB">What’s new in ManagePlaces?</font>

What’s new in ManagePlaces?

We updated ManagePlaces and added a touch of freshness to the project management experience.…

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<font color="#3A96EB">Current state of the construction industry</font>

Current state of the construction industry

The fund flow within the construction business has already surpassed a trillion dollars. It is…

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<font color="#3A96EB">Construction Technology Trends in 2020</font>

Construction Technology Trends in 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused major economic disruption in numerous sectors including the construction…

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<font color="#3A96EB">Digital tools become vital for the construction business. Here’s how to adopt them</font>

Digital tools become vital for the construction business. Here’s how to adopt them

Migrating the workflow within the realms of the digital world is, by all means,…

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<font color="#3A96EB">Construction project management in times of crisis</font>

Construction project management in times of crisis

A crisis – the time of extreme difficulty – occurs when a major event,…

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<font color="#3A96EB"> Future-Proofing Your Business with Technology</font>

Future-Proofing Your Business with Technology

Digital technology is an integrated part of every 21st-century business. It brings in benefits…

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<font color="#3A96EB"> Six best online tools for property developers</font>

Six best online tools for property developers

  Whilst the fundamentals of property development have remained largely the same over time,…

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