Workflow management software for mobile teams

Know what, when, who and where

Manage your organisations workflow - projects, tasks, people and assets - on the Web and mobile all linked with location information.

Manage your team projects on web and mobile

Geographic asset tracking

Manageplaces goes beyond a simple project management tool, integrating mobile and sensor tracking to keep users up to date with the location of assets, teams and projects. This data can be automatically displayed on a map within ManagePlaces, thereby giving you live location data.

The applications are vast, with customers in the conservation, asset management, healthcare, manufacturing, service and general industries all currently making use of geographic tracking.

Dynamic project management

Every member of the team can access the system from their mobile devices to see tasks, assets, documents and projects relevant to their current location. They can feed back information and progress updates with a single touch, allowing dynamic project management.

Team members can self-manage and access all the information they need in one place. This means more efficient working, less down time and increased clarity of tasks. Start writing project plans that actually get enabled.

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