We have been helping property development and real estate investment management companies scale up and efficiently manage their projects through our easy-to-use, connected tool. A growing business needs to actively manage more and more projects, and speed up the admin process behind project creation, and from appraisals to construction and sales.

In this series, we look at how you can use your own, familiar processes on ManagePlaces with help from our experts. This includes site surveys, custom sales trackers, and anything from contact to finance tracking.

Property sales tracking

An incredibly powerful feature of ManagePlaces provides you with a instant, spreadsheet-like view of your available units, their status as well as any calculations that provide development costs or profit.

Managing a portfolio, whether you are a developer or an investor, is ultimately about making return on your investment, and the property sales tool in ManagePlaces allows you to track and monitor your plots or units with ease and automatically calculate your profit element, including modelling formulae.

You can analyse the value of your portfolio in real-time, comparing asking price with actual with granular analysis of the type of unit, number of beds and price per square footage. Monitor and update the status of each sale, along with the offer period, and update the offer date, agreement date, exchange date and completion date. Of course, all of this information can be summarised in your branded reports, ready for delivery to your investors or clients, even directly from within the system.

Forms and site surveys

Whether you need to keep a log of your site surveys, assign to your project managers, or have photographic evidence of work submitted to present to your clients, ManagePlaces can simplify the process with an easy to use online form feature. This includes audit trails and historical information.

A manual or paper based approach is not only slower and more cumbersome, it’s also prone to human error and means your forms are static, requiring manual processing to update and notify your project plan.

All our forms and surveys are accessible from the Web and using mobile devices, with your on-site staff able to submit time-critical information, ready to report back. ManagePlaces provides ready-made templates for RFI, Contractor Checklist, Permits, Site Surveys and Risk Assessments; however, any kind of required form, including attached documents and images, is possible.

Supplier lists and project contacts

In ManagePlaces, you can create any list and tie it to your project. Permissions allow to define who has access to this information, including the ability to contact a supplier or customer directly. We also provide tools to automate organisation chart creation.

By centralising key contact information directly within the relevant project plan, you are able to find the relevant contact information you need promptly and on any device, without having to manually sort through which contact is relevant to a particular project. Furthermore, external access can be provided to your suppliers and contractors, either for the purpose of task/job tracking, or for tracking of financial information such as relevant billing and invoicing.

Without purpose-built software, manual inputs and calculations can slow down your ability to manage your projects and portfolio. Regardless of how good your spreadsheet skills are, the ability to automatically link on-site survey information, forms data, contact lists and property sale data, all within the same project plan, is hugely advantageous and time saving.

By defining the level of access you grant to your team, you ensure that your key people can always view and use critical information wherever they are, whenever they need to. And of course, all the above information is exportable in various formats.

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